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Audition Sides PdfFunny how a sound stays with you. Yet, for us, the face foliage has been, oh, so much more than a lawn on the lip, sir. AUDITION SIDES - NARRATOR #1 This is a story of an ordinary little boy named Charlie Bucket. Any elementary schooler who wants to audition for a solo part must prepare the Munchkin audition song and sign up for an audition time on Tuesday. CALLAHAN But Russell was known to the mother. The script is usually sent by email and often in PDF format to make it easily accessible. Oregon Straw Hat Players AUDITION OPTIONS FOR The Best Christmas Pageant Ever By Barbara Robinson FEMALE (AGES 6-12) CHILD: (Reciting in the pageant) And in that region there were shepherds in the field, keeping watch over their flocks by night. How come you not on tour bus? This hotel you go not good. BUDDY You see? You do have Christmas spirit! JOVIE I guess I do. No accapella (Singing without background music) please. PDF FLD BATB Audition Sides. Vivienne – Strong Willed and Snappy Hard-working antagonist. Many auditions involve reading “sides. The Dining Room M or F Audition side -p. You'll need Adobe Reader to view & print them. 17) (Sign up for auditions and find detailed info on the Theatre Dept. AUDITION SIDES AUDITION SIDES ANGER ANGER #1 Wait, did he just say we could have dessert? So that's how you wanna play it old man? No dessert? Oh sure, we'll eat our dinner. 5th Grade Audition Sides: 1 | P a g e The following scenes will be read during auditions. These sides are free to use as long as they are not sold in any way. James and the Giant Peach Audition Sides 2 EARTHWORM I don’t give a hoot what the plan is! I’m not going to be pecked to death by a bunch of seagulls! CENTIPEDE You will be a martyr. Annie Audition Sides Author: teacheradmin Created Date: 9/9/2013 6:10:30 PM. Mushnik, Seymour (Arriving back at the shop after some interviews and an appointment with his lawyer, he is strongly under the suspicion that Seymour is behind Orin's mysterious disappearance and is almost interrogating Seymour) Mushnik: I had a pretty strange afternoon, son. We are so excited you have signed up to audition for Radium Girls. Charlotte's Web Audition Sides CHARLOTTE Please review all enclosed sides for your audition, as each actor will play multiple roles. Lattimer was an anonymous donor. 00 or more we will send all scene studies below in 1 PDF file. Select up to two sides to read at your initialaudition. by New Collective | Mar 22, 2019 | 0 comments. Some directors prefer "closed" auditions where actors wait in a separate room until called. SPRING AWAKENING AUDITION SIDES. In fact, they barely had enough to eat. THE AUDITION: Arrival: If possible, please arrive, with a completed audition form, about 15 minutes before the audition. BNW 2018 Pro Audition Sides. There will be a total of approximately 9 rehearsals and 1 . 1984-2013 No reproduction of this material is permitted without express permission of the playwright-composer. PLEASE PRINT OUT YOUR SIDES AND MUSIC AND BRING TO THE CALLBACKS. One must be from a scene and one must be a. The First Act shows a day in our town. They've already sent a cleaning girl. 2021 – 2022 Audition Information. Side 1: Athenian Chorus Leaders (female and female side traditionally) LYSISTRATA (An affluent neighborhood in Athens. PDF As we do t ra c e t hi s a l l e y up a nd down,. Audition Preparation Audition Expectations: All actors must sing. Stipend: $300 for the run of the show. 4) Character Breakdown & Synopsis. ECT LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Audition Sides Page 2 of 12 Side 4 Mr. Sides [excerpts] of the script will be handed out by the audition monitors. what to expect during auditions. On behalf of me and my wife Sandra -- she’s the gorgeous one right there --it is a pleasure to welcome y’all to Alabama! Will told me I’m not allowed to give a toast. Caldwell, Mike, & Michael cont. Audition Sides Book & Lyrics by Tom Jones, Music by Harvey Schmidt Directed by Tess Snyder EL GALLO MONOLOGUE #1 Let me tell you a few things you may want to know Before we begin the play. com - 2 - AUDITION INFORMATION SEEKING SUBMISSIONS FOR THE ROLE OF JOANNE ONLY 1 (Trans Woman 30’s) Actors of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identifications are strongly encouraged to audition. THE BLISSES (speak with middle / upper class English accent). Greg’s career as a financial trader is winding down, while Kate’s career, as a public-school English teacher, is beginning to offer her more opportunities. Actors desire stage time for they know the more they are on stage, the better it is for their craft. Crossing sides? Giving orders? Who do they think they are? CARLOS. West Side Story Audition Pack Thank you for taking the time to look. ALL AUDITION SCRIPTS AND DANCE NUMBERS ARE AVAILABLE. BING BONG (and JOY) JOY Wait, I know you. If this be not a lawful cause for me to leave his service, look you, sir. Angels in America Audition Scenes and Monologues. Charlie Bucket was the luckiest boy in the entire world. So where is it? Better not be anyplace boring. DANCE: Please bring character shoes and jazz shoes MUSIC: Doralee: Change It, bars 92D – 109, or Shine Like the Sun Bars 1-9 Roz: Heart to Hart, pick-up to bar 30 through 36 Violet: 9-5, bar 48-63 Judy: Get Out and Stay Out, bar 95-128 Joe: Let Love Grow, bar 26-42. For easy reference, an indication of the comedic or dramatic . Memorize your monologue, and be ready to perform it at auditions. Auditioning for all roles involves . Recent Tragic Events: Audition Sides Page 1 of 5 Tongue in Cheek Theater Productions is holding auditions for AEA and non-union actors in its spring production of Recent Tragic Events, directed by Ms. I ' ve real l y enj oyed our t i me t oget her. 20 Practice Scenes for 2 Actors. Below are three scenes from Anne of Green Gables. PDF Rodgers & Hammerstein's THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Donna: Don’t patronize me! I love doing it on my own! Every night I wake up and thank God I haven’t got some middle-aged, menopausal man to bother me. I've dreamed of this moment for like, ever, and you're actually here and. PDF Download Character Descriptions. o The final cast list will be posted shortly after you return from February vacation. 16 that you must use in the audition. I’m single, I’m free, and it’s great! I thought the past was over. Sides, on the other hand, are typically used at auditions and callbacks for specific roles in a production. Please allow you can make your acting audition . Then review any script sides provided. AUDITION SIDES: Choose up to three dialogue sections. She knows everyone’s business and shares it with anyone who will listen. An I thought that, I'ld forswear it. Anything else that’s needed We can get from out this box. Actors will also be asked to read sides (scenes from the script) which will be provided at auditions. James and the Giant Peach Audition Sides 6 LITTLE OLD MAN Come closer to me, little boy. REN-ARIEL SIDE B Scene 4: Under the Train Bridge (REN follows her up a girder under the train bridge and tracks, high above the river. They're probably just having a bad season— (MELANIE grabs his collar, pulls lum extremely close, in a horrifying, monstrous, deep voice. This is why this article talks about the different ways by which you can. Song Sides Girls: Elle Woods – Protagonist who journeys from a life of on fleek to a life helping others. CHARACTERS (descriptions provided by the playwright): DAVID: Can be played by male or female. Matilda Audition Vocal Sides. It is important that students . SLT AUDITION PIECES – SWEENEY TODD Monologues. Everyone auditioning must attend the dance audition are able to get a copy of the script, I encourage you to read it prior to auditions. Audition requirements and formats may vary from show to show. Check Pages 1-4 of Mock Sides: Original Scripts for Workshop Actors POP GOES in the flip PDF version. In July of 1965, a collection of Noblesville residents who enjoyed gathering to read plays decided it was time to take their passion to the next step. AGE RANGE MEANS CAN PLAY, NOT ACTUAL. Paulette – Quirky Hair Salon Owner with New York Accent. Mock Sides: Original Scripts for . There is no need to memorize these sides, get familiar with reading and acting them out so auditions will not be a challenge. AUDITION SIDES THE STORY: Greg and Kate have moved to Manhattan after twenty-two years of child-raising in the suburbs. A Lie of the Mind List of Audition Sides by Character Audition Side One: Jake and Frankie (2 pages) Audition Side Two: Mike and Beth (2 pages) Audition Side Three: Frankie, Lorraine, and Sally (2 pages) Audition Side Four: Baylor, Mike, and Meg (2 pages) Audition Side Five: Lorraine and Jake (2 pages). Let me tell you a few things you may . Peter Pan - All Audition Sides (PDF) - SMP Dramatic Society · Pan – Panto 2014 Open Audition Notice & Sides When: Saturday June 22, 2013 1pm – 6pm Sunday June 23 . how to pass all kinds of acting auditions. Audition Packet Hamlet by o Scenes (sides) for callbacks are available with this packet. Ay, and that thou and the proudest of you all shall find when he comes home. The Place Beyond The Pines – Full Screenplay. YENTE: Golde darling, I had to see you because I have such news for you. Start browsing the database of scenes. Audition sides for TWO GHOST NIGHT By Blaise Miller GENERAL SITUATION: A computer user is visited by two virtual ghosts who are tasked with explaining the shortcomings of the user’s life. (The LOM hobbles a step or two nearer to JAMES, then puts a hand into the pocket of his jacket and takes out a small, white paper bag. ) Hard copies of the sides will be available at the audition. The point of this scene for auditions is to see the QUICK PACE. Mixed Nuts Audition Sides Side 8 Mrs. You do not need to memorise them but it will be helpful if you study them in advance. ANNELLE & TRUVY Page 7, at the top, to Page 9, ending with. FRANK: (with affection) Because he had enough gall to be divided in three parts. Please ALSO be familiar with the GROUP SCENE at the end of the list. FRED His mother must have worn it on her big toe. Someone in the audition room will read the additional lines. The sheet music for all the audition songs from the show are included at the end of this packet. I’d like it if you’d be less witchy. For the acting auditions, you will be asked to read from the “sides” provided at the end of this packet. DAD: Hey, wait a minute! KID: A dog would be a pet. I John Adams II John / Abigail III Rutledge IV Jefferson / Rutledge V Martha. The name of the town is Grover's Corners, New Hampshire - just across the Massachusetts line: latitude 42 degrees 40 minutes; longitude 70 degrees 37 minutes. MARY: I know, I know, I know, I know, don't hit me; don't hit me, baby. arrive early to fill out your audition application and go over the sides. Please print out your sides and music and bring to callbacks. pdf · Elvis_and_Detective_2_sides. There will be every attempt made to have a third party (non-school/musical related) person to add an impartial perspective in the audition process. Narrator 3: Cinderella had an evil stepmother, and two evil stepsisters named Anastasia and Drizella. Audition Sides & Music for Disney Cruise Line Download Sides & Music to prepare for your Audition All documents are in PDF format. Rehearsal Schedule in your audition form. Compress a PDF file with free or professional tools. ESMERELDA: ​(enters) Stop! Please. Something Rotten Audition Sides. His mother must have worn it on her big toe. For your donation we will email you our 19 page ACTING 101 manual. If you choose to sing a personal song, please bring clearly marked sheet music in the correct key, double sided, and in a 3-ring binder. Sides do not need to be memorized. Page | 2 Ebenezer Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, a musical adaptation by David K. Matilda Audition Acting Sides - irp-cdn. Selections of reads and songs have been chosen for all of the principal characters that. auditions! This year Scots College will be producing the famous Broadway hit West Side Story, school edition! We are. Audition Sides - Larken, Winnifred, Harry 25 She rights the vase, takes her wet gown from the chair, gets onto her hands and knees and begins wiping the water up with the wet gown. s p r i n g a wa k e n i n g a u d i t i o n s i d e s al l act i ng s i de s b y ch aract e r ch aract e r(s ) s i de t i t l e me l c hior ge ne ra l audi t i on - s c e ne s #1, #2. Big voices, vocal variety, musicality. END 50 BUDDY Jovie, I will make your dream come true. If you are unable to attend auditions, please contact Gil Henry regarding a video audition. Everyone should pick three pieces to present at auditions. You do not need to memorize the sides and may be asked to do a third side as a cold reading at the audition. We have all been on the auditioning side of the table in the . #2 Now be careful my dear children. LEGALLY BLONDE: THE MUSICAL Audition Sides Packet Character/Side Breakdown: FEMALES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 ELLE WOODS: PAULETTE BUONOFANTE: VIVIENNE KENSINGTON:. This time, they both scream with abandon:). Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous Hollywood icons in the world. They brace themselves as a train rumbles overhead; lights strobe across their faces. The Rainmaker – Lizzie & Starbuck – Edited. Enid – Feminist and Opinionated. The play will receive an 8-show run, May 8-18 at The Bridge Theatre @ Shetler Studios. Beauty and the Beast Beast Belle Cogsworth Garderobe Gaston LeFou Lumiere Maurice Mrs. JOVIE I came to Rockefeller Center last year too, my first Christmas in. 1984-2013 No reproduction of this material is permitted. JOVIE Wow, I might actually have a real Christmas. We have an eight o'clock show, CHARLIE Seriously. Created Date: 5/15/2015 12:05:18 PM. These audition sides are available on your Media Disc and at. Video Portion: See Checklist below and pdf attachment for audition scenes. Sometimes they are a brief monologue. PDF versions of the (totally free) How to Break Down a Script Google doc, Manifesting Destiny Audition Breakdown & the Jareth Audition Sides . SIDES FOR TUESDAY – FEBRUARY 12TH. These men are my friends! CLOPIN: ​More than we are, apparently! Go!. BUDDY Now you have to spread it around and remember the best way. You will audition in front of 3 or 4 adults in the LMHS auditorium. Abby and Martha Brewster: Darling elderly ladies whose main recreation is poisoning elderly men. ” Sides are small, hand-picked portions of a script. INFORMATION & AUDITION PACKET. Audition Packet The Mousetrap. And this here is the wife, Shirley. " It was written by Thornton Wilder. You do not need to memorized the scenes, but the more you review and are familiar with the lines, . Please come to auditions with all three of these scenes prepared. Please Prepare: Audition Sides for ONE of the characters, found HERE. Phantom Tollbooth Audition Sides Milo Side 1 pp12-13 Side2 pp 14-16 Side 3 pp 17--20 Side 4 pp21-25 Side 5A pp27-30 Side 5B pp30-33 Side 6 pp 35-38 Side 6b pp38-39 Most Other. There will be a group dance audition and then individual auditions. Casting o All roles are open to both boys and girls. TAMING OF THE SHREW - Audition Sides Page 5 of 5 things of worthy memory, which now shall die in oblivion, and thou return unexperienced to thy grave. You will also read from the sides (selected scenes) which are included in this packet. NOTE ON THE SIDES: There are no sides for Aunt Ev, Viney, Martha, or Percy. He bid me knock him and rap him soundly, sir. Audition Sides - Buddy, Jovie START. In this packet you will find the location of the music, acting tips and the acting audition cut scenes for this musical. PDF BNW 2018 Pro Audition Sides. Everyone could pat him, and I would be his master. LOLA All right, but you've got to be quick. You should be familiar with your chosen . This is what we’ll do… (ALL huddle around JAMES as. " to "Close your eyes, then!" The Stones. We’ve included a printable audition form at the back of this information booklet that you can fill out and bring with you. SPRING AWAKENING AUDITION SIDES. Take time before auditions to prepare and know the materials so you can come in and have fun. Narrator 2: And in this kingdom lived a beautiful young girl named Cinderella. The Queen’s Gambit – Episode 5 – Beth & Harry. ] Hello, and welcome to this performance of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. You' re a brave and det ermi ned l ady, Mi ss S carl et. LILY: Honey, we're your Mom and Dad. NICK It must be so great to always "do what you feel" because you have no one else to take of but yourself. Why is that funny? Everything right now celebrates these warriors and the scientists and the workers and I just want to tell people that there's more to life than that. PDF Little Shop Of Horrors. Audition sides for TWO GHOST NIGHT By Blaise Miller GENERAL SITUATION: A computer user is visited by two virtual ghosts who are tasked with explaining the shortcomings of the user's life. You were made free of it long ago, you know; and the other two an't strangers. 40 Acting Scripts for Audition Practice. PDF Download ** Alternative time/day available! Arrangements can be made for those unable to attend these dates. The first change to undertake from your performing method in learning how to audition is to give up character and use yourself. PDF SEX Piano/ Vocal IS IN THE HEEL. Please review these scene cuttings for your second audition. Audition Sides Edward Option 1: The Wedding Yes, good evenin’! My name is Edward Bloom. to send through your acting resume & headshot. Please prepare 16-32 bars of an appropriate song, preferably from musical theater, and bring your sheet music; an accompanist will be provided. Adult Sides for scene study. By this reckoning he is more shrew than she. Christmas Carol Full-Cast Audiobook Auditions Side #8 — Old Joe "You couldn't have met in a better place! Come into the parlour. Elementary students are required to attend the audition on Monday from 3:30-4:30 and are welcome to stay until 5:30 if they would like to audition for the tap or ballet numbers. A polished monologue gives you a chance to show off your acting skills and demonstrate your connection to the production. Sign in to add files to this folder. I ’ ve real l y enj oyed our t i me t oget her. Come right up close to me, and I will show you something wonderful. HIPPOLYTA, Queen of the Amazons, betrothed to Theseus. Grade Audition Sides 5th Grade Audition Sides: 1 | P a g e The following scenes will be read during auditions. Choose a character you would like to audition for and prepare BOTH the sides (scripts) AND song(s) for character. PDF Charlotte Audition Sides. You’ll notice there is no glass in my hand. Well, was it fit for a servant to use his master so?. Singing: Please prepare 32 bars (or 30-45 seconds of music in any style of your choosing. NOTE: This includes boys auditioning for Michael Hobbs See attached Audition Scenes and Vocal Parts. The comedy calls for 3 men and 3 women who each play 7-8 different roles. Out of mediocre scenes and lines they try to drag a moral, some commonplace. 701 5th Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102. Ah! How it skreeks! There an't such a rusty bit of metal in the. docx Created Date: 7/22/2015 11:09:49 PM. DANCE: Please bring character, jazz and tap shoes. Judge: Johanna, I trust you've not been near the window again?. You may be asked to read ANY of the characters. Of thine own people patron shouldst thou be. For all, make clear choices and fully commit to what you're doing. AUDITION SIDE #1 1 AUDITION SIDE #1 LILI and FRED (LILI lavishly displays engagement ring for Fred's benefit) FRED I se it! I see it! What is it? The Hope diamond or the Glaenzer emerald? LILI Did I show you the star sapphire Harrison sent me? It was his mother's engagement ring. ERNESTINE: It's Dad that stays with you. For example, a 7 to 15-second read of a 30-second voice over. FIDDLER ON THE ROOF Audition Sides. PDF Matilda Audition Acting Sides. PDF format comes with many advantages and makes it easy to share with others too. PDF Spring Production: Peter and the Starcatcher. * Not all castmembers will be required to be at every rehearsal - we value your volunteer time!! AUDITION SIDES. Readings for these roles will be drawn from sides for other characters. She carries herself with confidence and doesn't. It has been such a long time MEGAN JONES: Um. Helen’s audition will be predominantly physical. Something Rotten Audition Sides. Based on the character you're interested in auditioning for, choose . If you wish to audition for ensemble only you may select any side or read from Peter Quince. The Queen’s Gambit – Episode 5 – Benny & Beth. In some cases the actor can download them himself as a pdf or word format . (Arriving early is a good thing. Please Note: Actors will be considered . Please wear comfortable clothing that does not limit movement. How to Compress a PDF File. Name me one person you find interesting. *Will-Call & Wait-List opens 2 hours before curtain. Annelle: very shy twenty-year-old hair-dresser. Pick one or two to perform in your audition - you need not have these . LEGALLY BLONDE: THE MUSICAL Audition Sides Packet Character/Side Breakdown: FEMALES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 ELLE WOODS: PAULETTE BUONOFANTE:. AUDITIONS Doors will open at 2:45. No, no really, best audience I’ve had in a thousand years! Terrific! Smell you later! MOANA Hey! You can’t leave me Here! Uh…Ocean? A little Help? (The ocean carries Moana to the canoe) MAUI What the heck? MOANA The ocean is a friend of mine. You will prepare assigned music cuts and sides as well as have a second dance audition. Chairman, I move we spend the five dollars we just saved to buy a collie puppy. They are usually sent by the casting office to the actor or to his/her representative. He was not faster, stronger, or more clever than other children. Best Not to Get Involved (pdf) Arc Stages is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. FIDDLER ON THE ROOF Audition Sides | Fine Linen Theatre. I'm sure you care about that stuff. Methinks sometimes I have no more wit than a Christian or an ordinary man has: but I am a great eater of beef and I believe that does harm to my wit. TEVYE (speaking to God after the constable and Russian soldiers have caused a commotion at Tzeitel's (his daughter) wedding) That was quite a dowry you gave my daughter Tzeitel at her wedding. CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN Audition Sides | Fine Linen Theatre Page | 2 DAD and KID (Adult Male, Young Male/Female) DAD: Now, if there’s no further business -- -- KID: Mr. Angels in America Audition Scenes and Monologues. [GEORGE AUDITION] Music and Lyrics by CYNDI LAUPER Vocal Arrangement by STEPHEN OREMUS Slow Russian Boom-Chick GEORGE If we could mold the steel one piece from ball to heel, C#rn CHARLIE: "Excuse me?" we'd un - der - rit. If two characters are listed, you may choose either character for which to read. Slaughter themselves in others, and their sides With their own weapons gored! But what's the help? Misgoverned kings are cause of all this wrack; − And, Edward, thou art one among them all, Whose looseness hath betrayed thy land to spoil, And made the channels overflow with blood. the screenplay faithfully with iconic scenes included and given a theatrical twist, the music is eclectic ranging from comedy songs to high level musical . The parts were written with specific actors in mind and when it comes to matters of nationality, physical references or the 'tricks’ the volunteers perform for each other, the performers should feel free to mould the text around themselves. SIDES FOR THURSDAY – MARCH 28TH. AUDITION SIDES - WONKA #1 Dear people of the world, I, Willy Wonka, have decided to allow five children to visit my factory this year. How to Install a Free PDF Reader. Matilda Monologue Information Choosing the right monologue is an important part of your audition preparation. BNW_2018 _Pro_Audition_Sides Author: Schultz, Robert A Created Date: 11/22/2017 11:10:40 PM. SIDES FOR “TALKING WITH” AUDITIONS AT T. Dodger: And my names Jack Dawkins- better known among me more hintimate friends as the Artful Dodger. PERFORMANCE DATES: APRIL 9, 10, 14, 15 at 7:30pm, APRIL 11 at 2:00pm, APRIL 12 at 4:00pm (Rehearsals begin Feb. Audition Scene 1: STAGE MANAGER STAGE MANAGER MONOLOG #1: This play is called "Our Town. Music Theatre Dos and Don'ts | College of Music The better news is: you can greatly improve your chances at being cast by ensuring that you present yourself in a way that suggests your character and looks good on camera. GENERAL AUDITIONS - ACTING SIDES ​(Choose one). mean you are auditioning solely for THAT character. ○ Headshot: send an up-to-date picture of yourself. Oliver: Pleased to meet you, Mister Dawkins.